The fig tree: revealing the source

The Doctor's Life Support for 18 June

‘Come and see,’ said Philip.

John 1: 46

Not only does the wild fig send its roots down for its own sustenance but it points others to the place where there is water. In the Transvaal lowveld there are little hills, formed entirely by rocks piled on one another, with no soil to be seen. However, on these hills there is sometimes a line of half a dozen or more wild fig trees, stretching from the plain to the top of the hill. If you see that you can be quite sure that there is a subterranean stream running under that line of fig trees. Does your life point others to the place of spiritual sustenance? A professor of ear, nose and throat surgery was performing a very tricky procedure high up in the neck. He was dissecting carefully when he nicked an artery. It bled profusely. Try as he might, he could not clamp it. He pressed in a swab and took a breather. ‘Lord, please help us,’ he whispered to himself, and the next minute he was able to find the bleeder and stop it. The team then completed the operation without any further incident. In the tea-room there was a tired silence, until the theatre sister said, ‘Prof, thank you for that prayer.’ He had almost forgotten about it, but said, ‘Yes. Although I’d not meant anyone else to hear, it is at such a time that God is there to help us.’ The sister replied, ‘I realised that, Prof, and it was a message to me that God does indeed answer prayer.’ It appeared that she and her husband had been through difficult times and had stopped attending church. Now she had seen where she could drink from the life-giving stream.

Written by Paul Bremer from South Africa

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