Healing, God’s gift to humankind

The Doctor's Life Support for 24 April

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him …

Romans 8: 28

The inherent healing processes of the body are designed and given by God to humankind; to the just and the unjust; to those who pray and those who do not. God does not normally micro-manage natural law. My godly father died when aged 43, in India, where he was a missionary. He died of malaria. I was 15 years old and in England for schooling when the telegram arrived. I was an earnest Christian and had not been troubled by doubt until then. But then my pastor and family tried to comfort me by quoting Romans 8: 28 (from the old King James version) saying that this must be one of ‘all things’ that work for good to those who love God. God must have wanted my father to die. I knew that malaria was carried by mosquito bites, but to think that God directed a mosquito to kill my father was more than I could bear. It was dear F. F. Bruce who restored my faith by pointing out that Romans 8: 28 should not be translated with ‘All things’ as the subject of the verb ‘works for good’. ‘God’ was the subject, and the word ‘IN’ had to be inserted: ‘IN all things [that happen] God works with those who love him, for good.’ Speaking about the tower of Siloam, which fell and killed the eighteen people in its path, Jesus said that people were wrong to look upon those deaths as punishment. God had not pushed that tower over. We might refer to that accident as ‘natural law’. The message was clear. Things happen. God works with us to bring good out of them.

Written by Paul Brand from the USA

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