The immobile cilia syndrome

The Doctor's Life Support for 17 October

‘Who despises the day of small things?’

Zechariah 4: 10

The condition known as Kartagener’s syndrome includes dextrocardia, bronchiectasis, sinusitis and sometimes male infertility. Instead of the body’s cilia acting together normally, like a sweeping brush, to clear out mucoid secretions from narrow passages, an abnormality at cellular level produces cilial immobility. Advancing bronchiectasis results, with death from respiratory failure. Where are you in the body of Christ? If you consider yourself to be the least in faith, hope, prosperity or gifts, perhaps it will help to think of yourself as a small cell whose inactivity may be catastrophic. Are you a member of a small student fellowship? Sit down and pray for your church minister, or an evangelist who reaches and teaches others. Are you a medical officer in a remote area? Be accountable to your patients and your seniors, and forgive them if they overload you with work. You are like one of the cilia, waving out inhaled smoke. Are you a consultant who loves God, and does the best for your patients? Remember that God put you there on purpose. You might be feeling that you are not advancing, that your health service is taking advantage of you. Or have you been feeling that you are now too important to show love? Remember that meekness and humility are the ways of Jesus. If you are willing to consider yourself small whilst you are up there at the top, God will raise you even higher. (1 Peter 5: 6) Prayer: Lord my God, as the body stays alive through the hidden action of the heart, and stays well through even smaller activities, please help those whose work is unseen but essential. May we find vocation in service to you, each small part fitting in with all the others in love, to build up your body, the church. Amen.

Written by Patrick Masokwane from Botswana

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