Let your light shine

The Doctor's Life Support for 12 October

‘… let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.’

Matthew 5: 16

Isn’t it great being able to help someone at a point of real need? The simplest gesture of sympathy or welcome, let alone the exercise of some gem of medical expertise, is often received with astonishing gratitude. The patient’s expression of thanks, whether in words or as something more tangible, can be a real boost. It makes us think it is all worthwhile, and we feel good about ourselves. We can gradually become convinced that we deserve it and that we are, well, truly a little bit special. As they trust us more, patients can even start to treat us – like God! We suddenly find that we have stolen glory from God. So how is it possible to let the good deed shine but to ensure that God takes the credit? I often say (or write) something like, ‘Thank you for your encouragement – and may I say something personal? If we here have been able to help you with this illness, then we really do thank God.’ Today, count up how many times people say ‘Thank you’ to you and see if there’s a way you can turn the credit back to Jesus Christ (without whom we would never even have made it into the consulting room!) Prayer: Father, forgive me when I steal the credit for good things in which I have had a part. Thank you for a new day a fresh adventure of faith with you. Please enable me to work out how to point people to you, and ensure that you get the credit in my life, for Christ’s sake. Amen.

Written by Graham McAll from the UK

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