Serving God at 90!

The Doctor's Life Support for 8 November

Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervour, serving the Lord.

Romans 12: 11

Yes, believe it or not I am still alive at 90, though why God has been so gracious in permitting such an extended life, I have no idea. I can but praise him. It was about 53 years ago that the Lord called me to work in Zambia. We had been told of the need for a dentist by a medical friend. Some Christian dental work was already underway, but more than 500 miles to the south. There was neither Christian dental guidance nor professional help. In human terms we were on our own, but really God was in control. Selling our house allowed us to purchase basic dental equipment and materials. This was shipped via South Africa, followed by my wife, myself and three children. Our temporary accommodation, in a mud brick thatched hospital building, lacked running water and electricity. Soon a surgery and dental laboratory were built, a small generator installed and, although in the first years I had no electrical equipment, it was amazing what could be done with simple tools. Efficient second-hand equipment came after my first furlough. Patients of all races came from far and wide, and soon I was also able to visit far off villages, relieving some of the grosser dental problems, and visit mission stations in Zaire and Angola. After 12 years we came home, but returned to Zambia for short visits most years until the Lord arranged for the work to be taken over by other Christian dentists. Extensive surgery for cancer put an end to my African work and my wife and I were left marvelling at the Lord’s guidance and provision, spiritually, materially and financially, over many years. Our God is indeed so good.

Written by George Bowerman from UK

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