The Doctor's Life Support for 9 November

… conflicts on the outside, fears within.

2 Corinthians 7: 5

It has been a long day. Then another patient is carried in, bleeding massively from accidental injury. For a moment, you are alone. You are too young, too inexperienced. Quickly the years of discipline and training click in and, almost automatically it seems, you do what is needed and by the time more senior colleagues arrive the situation is stabilised. Someone quietly says, ‘Well done’! But for a moment you, like many others in life-threatening situations, had known stark fear, then the exhilaration of coping. In your mind you thank God, for had not he been there? Paul, in Macedonia, was also tired, harassed, facing conflicts without and frightened within but he, like you, found God’s comfort in his time of need. There seems to be a line between immaturity and maturity that is crossed in coping, alone, with particularly stressful situations. There is, too, a line in the Christian life between dependence on self and on God, which is crossed when, for the first time, the new Christian faced with some crisis, spiritual or in everyday life, discovers God’s power to intervene, to give strength, and to provide a net through which his child cannot fall. However, there is another fear, for the Bible leaves us in no doubt that we should fear the Lord. This is not fear that paralyses ability to act and think. Rather it is the fear that recognises the full majesty of God, creator, judge and arbiter and, by comparison, our comparative smallness and insignificance. It is holy fear that comes to those who know God, and that gives the believer insight to reverence him, obey his instructions and turn from evil. It is the beginning of wisdom. (Psalm 111: 10) It is within that fear that we find the strength to face every day fears that come our way in life’s situations!

Written by J Harold Jones from UK

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