Virgin birth

The Doctor's Life Support for 6 December

‘The virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son …’

Matthew 1: 23

There used to be notices at London Underground stations: ‘If you’re pregnant and happy, fine. If not, phone our clinic.’ But what about a young girl who is told that she will become pregnant? If she knows that she has not exposed herself to risk, she will dismiss the remark as nonsense. This was Mary’s reaction when told that she would become pregnant. Knowing the facts of life, she immediately said, ‘How so? I have not known a man.’ Yet she was worried. The circumstances in which she had heard this news had been somewhat unusual, to say the least! Had the angel just been a dream, or a delusion … had she imagined it all? It troubled her, so she went to see her cousin. That would settle it. After all, the angel had given her one other fact to go on – that, miraculously, Elizabeth herself was six months pregnant. Think about it. Mary journeyed for about 100 miles, evidently all on her own, and through some territory which would have been hostile to a Jewess – all to see an intensely religious elderly woman. It was either a crazy, bizarre act … or, if Mary’s story were true, it was a most reasonable and predictable response to the angel’s message. Why then the three months’ stay with Elizabeth? Surely, Mary delayed until signs of her own pregnancy had appeared, and until she had formed enough resolve to face the suggestive remarks of neighbours … and a fiancé who could not be expected to believe her story. The whole account of the virgin conception has a ring of truth, based as it must be on Mary’s personal testimony. It does not take blind faith to believe it.

Written by Peter C Elwood from the UK

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