Living by faith

The Doctor's Life Support for 11 February

But my righteous one will live by faith.

Hebrews 10: 38

Faith and the whole process of living by faith appears very vague and uncertain to the unbeliever. Yet it is God’s ordained way for us. Many people, and perhaps even believers, insist on living by something more concrete. One day, as I bowed my head to pray in my office, the Lord reminded me of the words from Hebrews 10, quoted above. He went on to say, it seemed to me, that the Christian does not live by sense! The mystery of faith is its illogicality. If we can figure it out it is no longer faith. If we wait to understand, it is no longer faith. There is a tendency for the new Christian to want to reestablish a life independent of God. Such living is not by faith. The Galatian believers fell into this trap and were described as foolish. Having started by faith, they later wanted to live by sense, or by the law. The temptation is very real, for society reinforces our own inclination to be sure before we step out. A young lady felt strongly convinced that God was calling her to a new ministry. But she wanted to know all the details of her terms and conditions and her salary and benefits, before making a move. When the details were not forthcoming right away, she refused to move. Her decision was rational. It is what many of us would have done. But her decision was not based on faith. Did she miss God’s call? Abraham never received terms and conditions, but simply an order and a promise. He was told to go, and promised that God would be with him and would bless him. Are you walking by faith? Are you willing to go when God commands, or will you want first to know his terms of service?

Written by Tokunboh Adeyemo from Kenya

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