Who cares if I am ill?

The Doctor's Life Support for 12 February

They said, ‘He saved others; let him save himself if he is the Christ of God, the Chosen One’.

Luke 23: 35

What a cruel taunt! Was Jesus’ death not enough for our salvation? Why did he also suffer scorn, as he died slowly in excruciating pain? Can anyone, even God, find a meaning for such human suffering? We choose to ignore these deep questions as we face the daily task of treating the sick and injured, and maybe we could not work if we constantly pondered the meaning of the pain our patients suffer. Then one day we doctors become patients and suffer irritating remarks. ‘You had all the cures! Now look, here you are in bed.’ Inevitably, we review our symptoms, dispute diagnoses, think of possible complications, and suggest alternative treatments. Distressingly slowly, it seems, we are restored to strength. The WHY questions have become irritatingly personal. What was the purpose of our suffering? Had it any purpose? Here are a few thoughts for a sick doctor. Only through suffering could Jesus truly share our human condition. Had you forgotten what it feels like to be on the receiving end of medical care? Now, after you have shared your patients’ pain and discomfort, you will have more sympathy, insight and understanding. Again, at crucial times God calls us to reevaluate our objectives, our activities, and our strategy. Are there things we should do differently when we regain strength? In a busy life, we give time to God very grudgingly. Was God imposing a period of inactivity to re-awaken the delight of time spent in his presence? So let us remember when we are ill that God cares. He is always working out his purposes. Perhaps we have something to learn. Perhaps we will thank God for this time of enforced separation from the daily task! Above all, let us reflect on Jesus’ suffering on the cross and its meaning.

Written by Kasereka M Lusi from Zaire

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