Keeping his eye upon us

The Doctor's Life Support for 17 April

I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you and watch over you.

Psalm 32: 8

As doctors and students we know well how important it is for excellence in our education and subsequent practice, to follow some good example, a tutor, someone who can mentor us. Even as experienced practitioners we long for someone we can trust in sharing our inner conflicts and dilemmas. There are times in our daily practice when we feel so desperately alone, facing problems which call for prompt response. What makes us feel alone and abandoned, however, is not the fact of being left alone and abandoned. It is rather the reluctance to believe the fact of being constantly in the very focus of God’s love and attention. I love God’s ophthalmology! ‘I will watch over you’, or, as the Polish translation puts it, ‘My eye will rest upon you’. I like that. When God says he ‘will’, he really does mean what he says. He will focus and fix his eye, his macula upon you. You are the central point of his attention. Everything around you is for him less important than you are. And this applies to every child of God, as he can focus his eye upon every one of us simultaneously. So, if in the middle of your trials and problems you believe your God cannot lie, put your trust in Psalm 32: 8. If you doubt he is with you with his very own eye upon you, doubt your doubts and believe the Word of God who cannot lie. He is far more reliable than your doubts. The Lord is with you now wherever you are. He is there to embrace you. He is there to love, instruct, teach and counsel you and show you the way ahead. He is the ‘Wonderful Counsellor’.

Written by Jan Grzeszkowiak from Poland

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