Life’s autumns and winters

The Doctor's Life Support for 16 May

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven.

Ecclesiastes 3: 1

The seasons of the year reflect seasonal changes within our hearts and minds, our inner seasons. Spring provides inspiration and summer gives influence. The autumns of life are the integrity times of our lives, the times of testing. The brilliant reds and rusts of autumn speak of inner autumns which test our lives. Will we trust when we cannot trace God’s leading through life’s difficulties? Will we stand up to the test? Nature’s autumns come, in different ways, all over the world, year after year. So also do the testing times come into our lives, over and over. It often seems when we face the autumn’s testing time that neither spring nor summer will ever come again. Autumns are the times when we must resolve to keep our resolve, the time to remember, the times we must look to the Lord and his strength for our integrity. Winter comes into our lives in a dichotomy of insecurity and security, much like the dichotomy of winter’s colours are black and white. There are the storms of life, draining experiences which leave us disheartened and insecure. Such can be the winters of our lives when we know in our hearts, ‘This world is not our home, we’re just a-passing through’. I believe God brings the winter’s insecurities into our lives so that we will not come to love this earth too much – and so we will love him more. Yes, there are also the secure times of winter, the beautiful quiet crisp mornings … serene. These times of our lives can bring us to see that our Lord is the only security, the only peace and calm and quiet that will ever last.

Written by Merlynn Colip from the USA

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