Tranquillisers or tranquillity?

The Doctor's Life Support for 18 May

You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast, because he trusts in you.

Isaiah 26: 3

‘For God’s sake, doctor, give me a tranquilliser or I shall go round the bend.’ So said the last patient that evening, when I was ready to stop. Of the two alternatives she offered, a tranquilliser certainly seemed the better until I had time to see her again. As I picked up my pen it was as though someone said, ‘Find out now what the trouble is.’ The usual story poured out. Her husband didn’t understand her, she felt there was a wall between them and, of course, it was all his fault. She was on edge, sleeping and eating badly and unable to concentrate. How could I speak of God’s care for her to an angry, hurt lady who might never give him a thought? The answer was easier than I’d expected. What she said about a ‘wall’ in her marriage reminded me that I was soon to attend a Christian drama. I tentatively invited her to join me, feeling slightly stupid as I did so. To my surprise she accepted. The play was all about the walls which various people build up between each other. God, in the guise of a doctor, moved freely from one side to the other with equal concern for both and scant regard for walls of any kind. My patient was quick to see the point. The wall she had imagined between them was as much of her making as her husband’s, and God cared for them both. There was no more need for tranquillisers. God’s ‘now’ had been part of his perfect timing, both in her life and my diary. Prayer: Dear Lord, please help me to be more alert to hear your whispers, and to act on them. Amen.

Written by F AM McAll from UK

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