God-given dreams

The Doctor's Life Support for 12 June

‘Everything is possible for him who believes.’

Mark 9: 23

This promise became precious to a motherless young Indonesian, raised in a poor village fifteen hours’ walk away from the nearest bus stop. With school fees burdening his family, he studied hard. School pictures about doctors began the improbable dream of becoming one. Confident that with God nothing is impossible, he continually cried out to him. On his father’s borrowed money and with part-time manual labour he eventually began nursing training. Then his father died, he fell ill himself, the money ran out and he faced starvation. Still he trusted in God. Having brought him so far he would not desert him now. Faith was honoured. A local pastor employed the efficient student sweeper as resident church caretaker, another funded his studies and a missionary couple, seeing his potential, asked what he really wanted to be. Hearing the cherished dream, they sacrificially paid his medical school fees. He graduated in 2001, the dream fulfilled. His unwavering intention was to return to his remote village to serve his people and share God’s love with them, and that is where he now is. He writes, ‘Our good Lord Jesus made a way, in his time. He is never late. He is the God who understands his children’s needs and answers prayer. Our God is a God of miracles.’ To any feeling hopeless or discouraged he adds, ‘Look how great our God is. He is the God that can do everything, provide everything and in him there is nothing impossible. See what God has done in my life. If he can do it for me, he will do it for you, too. Whatever the problem you face, he is the God who is always there and never leaves you.’ This God is our God for ever and ever. Praise him!

Written by An anonymous author

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