God specialises in peace-making

The Doctor's Life Support for 12 July

If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.

Romans 12: 18

After serious strife between the two faiths, I found myself working in one refugee camp for Muslim Indonesians and another for Christians. I was at first fearful about this, especially as my assistant nurse was a Muslim. However, they were all kind to me and never complained about my treatment. As well as praying that God would bless the medicine to my patients I shared my knowledge with this nurse, writing my prescriptions clearly so that he could still help people when I was not there. It seemed to me that this was a quiet way of showing him Christian love. I have at times had to work with those who were not loving. Self-interest in the workplace can lead to jealousy, or sabotage of someone else’s prospects, and I have experienced both. God has always comforted me through his word, reminding me that he is the principal manager and I work for him. At such times I pray for self-control as well as for those who hurt me, trying to encourage them in their work for the sick. I also need help to show the same forgiveness and patience out of the workplace, for example in my marriage. Whatever the temptation before us, if we put God first in our lives, he will rid us of it. It is as we obey him that we can feel peaceful and happy at heart whatever happens. Trust and obey for there’s no other way to be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey. John H Sammis (1846–1919)

Written by An anonymous author

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