God specialises in making provision

The Doctor's Life Support for 13 July

‘God himself will provide …’

Genesis 22: 8

God knows our needs and, despite a poor salary, he has met mine. Once, when I had to move to another assignment, I had very little cash left but needed to rent a room. Most rents were more money than I had, but whilst I was looking, a Christian businessman offered me a room free of charge, including meals, and I was accepted as one of the family. Another time a Christian friend lent a whole house in the city centre, again without rent. This became a house of medical mission, where doctors could share with and strengthen each other. I also used it for training junior doctors, which God called me to do without charge. Some would be sent to remote areas and I knew what they faced there. Once, between jobs, and urgently needing funds to attend our regional ICMDA conference, I was unexpectedly asked to take over someone’s practice during her leave. This gave me the necessary money, and my visa and means of transport were also remarkably provided at exactly the right time. Wonderful! Sometimes I still wonder whether to make money more easily, for example by joining a private hospital or company, but God’s answer so far keeps me in government service. I understand why many Christian people prefer private practice, as it is hard to work with high dedication and integrity on a government salary alone. Yet aiming for a comfortable income could make us forget to look for God’s plan for our lives and careers. In fact, by working hard and waiting for God to lead, I was eventually promoted to a senior position in work that I like. It seemed unlikely that this could ever be, but his plans are brilliant! He is my Provider.

Written by An anonymous author

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