Why am I not healed?

The Doctor's Life Support for 10 August

The eternal God is your refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms.

Deuteronomy 33: 27

We have all known patients who are angry that they are not healed, or relatives unable to bear the thought of losing loved ones. Careful diagnoses have been made and suitable treatment provided based on those diagnoses and according to the best medical practice. But healing has not occurred and the symptoms and signs of disease remained with relentless downhill progression. Quite often in such circumstances patients feel let down and blame God. After all, they were Christians or they lived good lives! Why hasn’t God intervened? The Bible frequently describes healing by divine intervention, more frequently in the New Testament than in the Old. There are accounts of healing by Jesus, the apostles and by others. About 41 of Jesus’ miracles involved healing, compared with about nine non-healing miracles. Jesus healed leprosy, paralysis, gynaecological disorder, blindness, inability to speak, crippling deformity (including severe hand damage), dropsy, dementia and demon possession, and he raised some from the dead. Peter, Philip, Paul and an unnamed apostle also healed; as did the 72 sent out ahead of Jesus and an unnamed man found by the disciples casting out demons in Jesus’ name. Why then have our patients not been healed? Perhaps we, and others in the church, prayed fervently for healing but it did not occur. It is a fact that none of those healed by Jesus is alive today and, as one would expect, the Bible recounts occasions when healing by divine intervention did not occur. ‘There is a time for everything … a time to die …’ (Ecclesiastes 3: 1–2) There is of course no answer to satisfy the human mind. Understanding comes through faith that God is in control and that, come what may, the Christian is safe in his hands, safe should recovery occur or should death lead into his presence. After all, has he not gone to prepare a place for us?

Written by J Harold Jones from UK

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