My profession, my god?

The Doctor's Life Support for 7 August

You shall have no other gods before me.

Exodus 20: 3

Never did I imagine I would disobey the commandment that I should have no other gods before God. I have been a Christian for many years and drifted along happily, in the church and within a Christian family. Of course no other god would have a place in my life. But what is a god? A god is some supernatural being that becomes the major driving force in one’s life, the source of comfort, strength, and reward, and with the ability to judge and control. So what had my profession become? Well, not supernatural at any rate! Leaving that aside, it certainly met many of the other criteria detailed above and, if I am honest, it does consume the greater part of my life. That said there is much that is good in my profession. It is worthy. It sets and maintains high and moral standards, usually! Its purpose is to help and heal people individually and in communities. It struggles with the problems that arise from human behaviour and has very great wisdom. Many Christians have contributed to it. So, what is my problem? Essentially it is, I suppose, a matter of precedence. All is well if my allegiance to my profession is clearly subservient to my allegiance to God and if God controls and has priority in my professional life. But if my professional life intrudes to the extent that it, rather than God, controls me and that I worship it, then I have broken God’s commandment. This is, I am sure, a problem faced by people in many walks of life. Let us be warned! We must continually test our allegiance to God in prayer, by reading the Bible and by maintaining fellowship with other Christians. Take care lest you miss the warnings, allowing your profession to become your god.

Written by J Harold Jones from UK

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