What is God?

The Doctor's Life Support for 9 August

‘Can you fathom the mysteries of God?’

Job 11: 7

Are we reluctant to believe that God heals, or can heal? After all we work in carefully regulated professions. Our names appear on registers, their presence indicating levels of education necessary for particular forms of professional practice. We are likely to have read of disastrous interventions by those not qualified in health care, so we may not find it easy to accept the possibility of divine intervention in healing. The problem is apparently much wider, because many find it very difficult to accept the possibility that God exists, is in control and that he intervenes according to his will. So the virgin birth, Jesus’ miracles, and the events of Pentecost, to give but a few examples, fly against the understanding many have of scientific truth. The underlying difficulty has to do with acceptance, or lack of acceptance, of God, as a spirit, infinite and unchangeable; God who holds all wisdom, power, goodness and truth. The idea, one accepts, is mind blowing and challenges rational humankind in believing that it has the potential to acquire all knowledge and to control the future without dependence on any higher being. One way or the other, it is a matter of belief, for we have no means of proving or of disproving the existence of God. The Christian tastes and finds that God is good and is blessed. (Psalm 34: 8) With belief comes deep humility, accepting the all too evident limitation of human knowledge. Then too, ears and eyes, sharpened by God’s Spirit, discover his interventions in our lives, interventions fitting us for his plans, for us and for his world. It is indeed ‘marvellous in our eyes’. (Psalm 118: 23) Pray that you may hear and see today, as God in Jesus heals bodies and souls and that the unbelieving may be given the faith that will change their lives.

Written by J Harold Jones from UK

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