Are you tired?

The Doctor's Life Support for 9 December

When Moses’ hands grew tired, they took a stone and put it under him and he sat on it.

Exodus 17: 12

My, but I was tired! It had been a particularly busy day during which, it seemed, everyone had needed my attention. Then I had to drive 50 miles to provide further training for junior colleagues. There would, I knew, be no let up the next day which promised to be impossible again, as had every day in the past month since the senior colleague with whom I shared my duties had become ill. Well, I guess you have experienced similar times! Then, for some reason, I remembered Moses. He had ordered Joshua to fight the Amalekites, but the battle only prospered as long as he held his hands high. He, too, grew tired. Very simply a stone seat was provided and with help he was able to continue holding up his hands. Perhaps I could look for simple solutions. I could rearrange my schedule. I could ask able colleagues to take over some of my duties and, above all, ask close friends to support me in prayer. How different we are from God. He will neither grow tired nor weary. (Isaiah 40: 28) He is everlasting. What an impossible concept to the human mind. Every person has experienced tiredness, quite often to the extent of inability to continue. Each one of us has, I guess, been let down by friends or by colleagues because, exhausted, they have asked to be excused some appointment. Not so with God. He has promised never to leave nor forsake his people. He is wholly dependable, wholly faithful. Read today from Hebrews 13, and as you follow the good advice given therein, you can know with confidence that the Lord is your helper, so how can you be harmed? Just as God is everlasting, so his servants will know his presence in this life and through eternity!

Written by J Harold Jones from UK

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