Keep ‘on course’

The Doctor's Life Support for 22 September

‘As for me, the Lord has led me …’

Genesis 24: 27

God’s guidance is a natural consequence of being ‘on course’. Anything that disrupts our fellowship with him obscures our vision and blunts our perception. Given a right relationship with God, his guidance may be unobtrusive, almost outside our conscious awareness, many decisions being dictated by common sense, albeit the common sense of a renewed mind. Maybe we can only see one step ahead. Take it and the way will open, as do automatic doors on our approach. Guidance may be by restraint. In Acts 16: 6–10, Paul and Silas were forbidden by the Holy Spirit to speak the word in Asia. How – since it seemed so good a thing to do? By spoken word, vision, unease, lack of assurance? But for every door that closes there is one that opens. The invitation came to Macedonia. Satisfied that this was the Lord’s call they were free to push forward. The way opened up. The wide door for effective work in Greece lay open. But sometimes God not only restrains us, he appears to eject us from where we are. Paul longed to preach to the Jews (Romans 9: 3), for which he was eminently fitted. But God had a different sphere for him, hence his rejection by the Jews. Let us not bang our heads against the brick walls of nonacceptance. Sometimes a misfit in one sphere is eminently suited for a successful and fruitful life in another. (But we need to be certain that the rejection is not due to our unpleasantness or incompetence!) One step thou seest, then go forward boldly, One step is far enough for faith to see. Take that, and thy next duty shall be shown thee, For dark and light are both alike to me.

Written by Muriel Crouch from the UK

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