Rebuilding a personal wall

The Doctor's Life Support for 20 March

‘… Jerusalem lies in ruins … Come, let us rebuild the wall …’ They replied, ‘Let us start rebuilding.’

Nehemiah 2: 17, 18

Wherever we look, progress seems to be the overall theme of our age. Yet, as in Nehemiah’s Jerusalem, standards and values are also under threat. Whether disguised as an individual’s right or economic benefit, egotism leaves patients at risk and professionals so frustrated that some outstanding colleagues have resigned their posts. ‘Let us start rebuilding.’ Nehemiah began by an inspection of the wall. We, too, need inspect the personal wall of our Christian integrity to see where it needs repair. It can be broken down by taking risky short cuts in examination or treatment, by making allowances for other people’s moral standards but undermining our own, by thinking more about the economic cost than of the patient, by letting personal ambition leave little time for the family, and so on. Having examined your personal wall, you may find it necessary to rebuild it if you are to avoid disgrace, both to yourself and to our God. As you do so, you will find, with Nehemiah, ‘the gracious hand of my God upon me’. (Nehemiah 2: 18) Yet when they began this good work, the people were mocked and ridiculed. We may expect a similar reaction, and hostility may increase. Nehemiah’s builders were forced to carry arms as they worked. We, too, need to be equipped with the whole armour of God, ever alert and prayerful. (Ephesians 6: 18) Despite all the opposition, Nehemiah’s project ended with his people’s rediscovery of God’s law. Joy and peace followed as they found his purpose in life. The whole story is one to encourage us today. Read it when you can!

Written by Torben Roulund from Denmark

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